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Please note: You must have a VT Live Account to access this App. If you already have a VT Live Account, please contact Support to enable your Account for access.VT Live has launched an Android version of its current class leading web-based vehicle tracking application.Businesses that use VT Live vehicle tracking to manage their fleet are able to reduce costs, save time, improve productivity and give their customers a better service.
The app instantly allows users to see where their vehicles are, how long they have been there and allows decisions to made about who is most appropriate to respond to the next job with updates every 60 seconds.
The app allows for real-time decisions to be made quickly and easily away from the office via your Android device.
Key Features:-Live Location 60 second updates: Find a vehicle instantly, location displayed, ignition status and speed.Point of Interest: Vehicles at a POI will also display the POI name along side the address.Mapping: Review locations on Google maps.Group selection: Choose to view one or all vehicles from a specific group.Screen Views: Toggle between Standard view, and Satellite view.Journey Report: Run a journey report for any day within the last week.Journey Replay: See a journey plotted on the map (snail trail) showing all updates.Easy navigation: Simple to use features.